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InglehurstInfant School

Our School Day

School opening times


Nursery (Year N) - Starfish Class:

Morning session  Start: 8.30am   Finish: 11.30am 

Afternoon session   Start: 12:00pm   Finish: 3:00pm

Full time  Start 8.30am   Finishes 3:00pm


Reception, Year One and Year Two (30 hours 50 minutes per week)

Start: 8:50   Finish 3:00


Your contact details  

Please keep the school office up to date with any change of address or telephone numbers for yourself and others on child’s contacts list (we may need to get hold of you urgently if your child is ill).


People allowed to collect your child

Please keep the ‘pickup’ list up to date by visiting the school office. Only people over 16 can go on the list. Please do not send anyone to collect your child who is not on the list.



School dinners

All of the children in reception, year one and year two children are entitled to a free lunch. The meals are prepared by City Catering follow strict guidelines set by the government when preparing food, providing children with a healthy tasty meal each school day. We encourage children to take up a free school meal by liaising closely with city catering to cook healthy meals which we know that the children enjoy, special menus linked to festivals and celebrations and initiatives such as try a school dinner day.


The children in our School Nutrition Action Group meet regularly to discuss ways to promote health eating in school such as improving the lunchtime environment and encouraging children to try new things. They recently persuaded city catering to but us some new, attractive plates and bowls.


Meals are usually planned according to a rotation of  one-week menus.





All children can have fruit provided by the Fruit Scheme.



You can order milk for your child at It is free if your child is under 5 or entitled to free school meals (not universal free meals for young children). If you want to do this by post then a form is available from the school office.


Other Drinks & Snacks

Children can bring a bottle of water (but only water) with their name on.

If you wish to send an additional snack it must be a non-processed fruit or vegetable.

No nuts or seeds


Packed lunches

Children may bring a packed lunch if you prefer.

Please do not send any fizzy drinks, nuts, products containing nuts or any sweets in the packed lunch.

School Uniform


Our school uniform is:

  • A royal blue jumper, cardigan or sweatshirt. These are available without a school logo from supermarkets and other stores or with the logo online from (Password Inglehurst2000 ).  Please ask at the school office if you need assistance to order online.
  • Black or grey trousers or smart school shorts, pinafore or skirt and, in the summer, blue uniform dresses can be worn (available from supermarkets and other stores).
  • Plain white top
  • Black Shoes/trainers that are sensible for active play, no flashing lights please.


Your child's teacher will post your child's classes PE time on class Dojo. Children will need the following to change into:

  • Navy Shorts or leggings
  • Plain white t-shirt


Please put your child’s name in the clothes.


Sun Safety

Children’s shoulders must be covered and a hat should be worn. Sun cream should be applied in the morning before school. You can also send sun cream in a container with your child’s name on it if you have taught them to apply it.  




Earrings can cause injury during PE and playtime. If your child does have pierced ears please, as a minimum, make sure the earrings are very small and flat and remove them on the day on which they have PE. Please be aware that children can be badly hurt if e.g. a ball hits an earring and the shaft pierces the neck. The children should engage in active play so earrings are better left at home.


If you are getting your child’s ears pierced, then we request that this is only done at the start of the summer holiday so no PE lessons are missed.


Children must not wear any other jewellery.


Book Bags

You can purchase an Inglehurst book bag from our uniform supplier  (Password Inglehurst2000).  

Please ask at the school office if you need assistance to order online.

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