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The Children are Taught about Keeping Safe

We use Thinkuknow materials to teach the children about internet safety.

The children have age appropriate Stranger Danger talks throughout their time in the school.

The following is from the Police website:

A stranger is someone you do not know.

Strangers can be men or women.

They can be tall or short.

They can be fat or thin.

They can be old or young.


Do not go with a stranger.

Do not take things from a stranger.

Do not get in a car with a stranger.

Never play near public toilets.

Do not go off on your own. Always play with other children and be back home before dark.

    Most strangers are nice but some can be nasty and like to hurt children.

     If you are frightened by a stranger run home and tell a parent or carer.

     If you cannot run home tell someone you can trust. You can trust a police officer, your teacher, or a grown-up you know well.

Some of the objectives in Key Stage One PSHCE cover keeping safe:

(Spring term topic Relationships and summer term topic Choices).

 Recognise the choices we need to make in order to be safe

 Learn how to ask for help appropriately


Know where individuals and families can get help and support.

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