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Please Don't and Please Do Letter

Dear Parents and Carers,

Please help us to keep the school as a happy and safe environment for everyone by being aware of the following:

You are expected to behave well on the school site, parents’ licence to be on the site can be removed if they do not behave appropriately. Parents may be stopped from attending assemblies, sports mornings  and concerts etc. if they take photographs, videos or behave badly.

Bad Language or aggressive behaviour

  • Please be aware that parents must not use bad language on the school site, this includes the outdoor areas.
  • The head teacher, governors and city council will not tolerate aggressive behaviour towards any staff. Please take care how you talk to staff.
  • Other members of the community must be treated politely and not be abused in any way.

Use of Outdoor Equipment

Please be aware that if children play on any outdoor play equipment as they walk in to school or as they leave then you are responsible for their safety. You must be there supervising them. Also some equipment can become slippery in wet or icy weather. Do not let children play in any taped off areas.

Children must not come back onto the school grounds to play after you have collected them.

Photographs, video and mobile phones etc.

Children must not have mobile phones or other game or communication devices in school.

Please do not use phones in school.

Please be aware that you are not to take photographs or video any school activities or events (including outdoor events such as the sports morning). Noncompliance is likely to result in you being stopped from attending concerts, assemblies, sports events etc. Please keep your phone out of sight so there is no misunderstanding about this when you are in the school building or at an outdoor event. Please do not use your phone in school, please put your phone away before you enter the building.

Collecting Children

Please wait in the class queue to collect your child at the end of the school day.


Please note that holidays cannot be taken in term time.


Please remember that you must not bring dogs onto the school site even if you carry them. Please do not leave dogs near the school entrance.                



Please do not smoke near the school gate, parents have said that it is unpleasant for them and their children to walk through the smoke to get into school.

It is illegal to smoke anywhere on the school site.

Vaporisers & Electronic Cigarettes

Please do not use these on the school site.                             


You are welcome to attend the attendance assemblies and class assemblies when they are scheduled.

  • Please be aware that the children are silent when listening in assemblies and you must also be silent.
  • If you have to bring babies or toddlers please take them out of the hall if they make a noise.
  • You must not take photographs or video assemblies.
  • Please turn off phones or make sure they are silent and keep them out of sight.

Scooters and Bikes

Scooters and bikes must not be ridden on the school grounds. This is for the safety of other people, particularly very little children who might get knocked over. Please make sure that your children get off their scooters or bikes before entering the grounds. Please do not leave scooters in corridors or classrooms as they are a trip hazard. Please do not leave them in the school ground.


We are sorry but, pushchairs must be left outside.

We know that this is very inconvenient but it is necessary so that children can evacuate the building safely in an emergency, not get hurt by having an obstacle in their way and, less importantly, to keep our carpets clean.

Earrings and jewellery

Please remember that stud earrings must be taken out and left at home on PE days. No other jewellery is to be worn in school. It is safer for children not to wear earrings at all in school as ears could get bumped by balls etc. at playtime.

Please Do

  • Let us have clean clothes (particularly underwear) that your child has grown out of for when children need changing.
  • Put the child’s name in their clothes.
  • Let us know if someone you know in school would appreciate information in their home language as they find English difficult.
  • Encourage people who cannot read or write to ask the school for help with any letters or forms we send out.
  • Report any health and safety concerns to Ms Parsons.
  • Report any child welfare or child protection concerns to Ms Parsons or another member of the safeguarding team, their names are up in the school reception.

Thank you


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