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Living Eggs

Living Eggs were delivered to the school so that the children could have the joy of watching them hatch.

Here are ten eggs.
Here is Dora
The eggs are hatching.

Wednesday 13th March 2013

Ten brown eggs are in an incubator in Ashdown classroom.


Wednesday at 20 to 1 Dora hatched.

Today Friday we have 5 chicks.
Tuesday 19th March. Look at the chicks now!

Mrs Atkinson is taking the chicks home with her for the weekend. They will be back in school on Monday.

"Hello I am Dora"
"This is my sister Katy"
Dora, Katy, Bridget and Tom

I am nine days old now. New feathers are growing on my wings.


" I hop into the bowl to eat my food".


"We are going back to the farm tonight. Me, my brother and sisters are sad to be leaving. It has been really nice meeting you at Inglehurst Infants School. Cheep cheep happy Easter to everyone".

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