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Our school uniform is simply:


A royal blue jumper cardigan or sweatshirt which can be purchased through school (these have the school logo on) or from other shops e.g. supermarkets.


Black or grey trousers or skirt

In the summer blue checked uniform dresses available from supermarkets or other shops can be worn.


A uniform order form can be obtained from the school office.


It is very important that you put your child’s name in your child’s clothing.


The children need to wear shoes that are sensible for active play.


Children need a warm coat which is suitable in rain so they can go outside.



To ensure correct sun safety, children’s shoulders must be covered and a hat should be worn.

Sun cream should be applied in the morning before school and can be sent to school in a named container, the child needs to have been taught how to put it on.




Children in years one and two need a pair of shorts and a tee shirt for PE lessons.


Children may be asked to have a pair of trainers for outdoor PE.

Children have bare feet for  most indoor PE.




We ask that you not allow your child to wear jewellery to school as it is not safe. Earrings in particular can cause injury during PE and playtime.


The children are not allowed to wear jewellery, including earrings, when doing PE.


If your child does have pierced ears, and you are not able to remove the studs every day, then please remove their studs on the days on which they have PE.


If you are intending to have your child’s ears pierced then we request that you only do this at the start of the summer holiday so the child does not have to miss any PE lessons when the piercings are new.

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