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What does your child learn at school each day? Find information about our curriculum subjects here.


More information about the curriculum can be found in the Prospectus on the Welcome page.


Key Stage One (years 1 and 2)


Much of the Year One and Year Two curriculum is taught under the following topic headings. These include many of the requirements of the National Curriculum.


The mathematics curriculum covers the National Curriculum and draws on Maths Makes Sense and some use of Numicon. There are daily maths lessons.


The English curriculum covers the National curriculum; themes for writing are often from the topics below. There are daily English lessons. Children read in a guided group with an adult each day and often read individually to an adult. There are phonics lessons at least four times a week.


Our phonics teaching follows the phases in the Primary National Strategy document called Letters and Sounds. We use a very active approach to the teaching of phonics. The lessons use the good practice from the Knowledge Transfer Centre (KTC) Leicester.


Our reading books are graded and coded according the Reading Recovery Levels. This means that the selection of books can be finely tuned following assessment of the child’s stage of reading. The books come from a number of schemes and sources including Reading Recovery, Oxford Reading Tree and Oxford Project X.


For more information about any aspect of the curriculum and resources, please ask your child’s teacher (if your child is already in the school) or contact the school office.


The children visit a local church and another place of worship (usually a Gurdwara) within the two years. Some work is based round these visits.

Some work is covered separately from the topics. These areas are often listed on the second sheet of the plans below.













Treasure Island


The Environment


Early Years Foundation Stage ( Nursery and Reception)

The Foundation Stage classes follow the curriculum guidelines in Development Matters.


Many activities are arranged within topics.
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